• Our mission is to efficiently provide integral funding services for reliable long or short term structuring projects .

  • PDG Finance helps government institutions and organizations of developing countries in fundraising since 2011, in partnership with our collaborators, we offer financing services for structuring projects related to Agriculture, health, Infrastructure, energy, Education,tourism.

  • We can cover up to 100% of the cost of the project whether it’s a short or long term project. Our team has acquired a very strong experience in funding projects related in the development of transport infrastructure.

    Contribution of the process of a developing country to an emerging country is our Leitmotiv.

Our Team

Mohammad Al Mubarak


Steve Mc Cain

Head of investment division


Head of business development division

Vladislav Orlov

Chief operating officer

Belgacem Chamakh

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer

Khalid Al Noori

Head of finance department

Daniel F. Chu

Head of legal department

Koji W. Nakamoha

Strategy financial expert

William D. Pinto

Crisis and strategy adviser

Sam Schuller

Pojects developpements manager

Bahula Patel

Marketing and communication officer

Jezz Moxley

Projects analyst adviser

Gladys N. Couturier

Assistant officer Manager